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How to Take the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

October 20, 2018

You’ve been enviously creeping on your friends’ and high school rival’s #engagementringselfie posts, patiently waiting for your turn. And then, it happens. Bae tells you to look up from your phone, and there he is on bended knee. Before you know it, you’re engaged! First things first, it’s time to plan your own wedding…  oh wait… not yet. Actually, it’s time to plan your own engagement ring selfie.…


Why Costume Jewelry Causes Skin Rashes and Green Color

October 11, 2018

Have you ever had a bad reaction to cheap jewelry? If you have, you’re definitely not alone. Costume jewelry often causes skin rashes and adds green coloring to the skin. You may have also noticed that it seems to be more likely to happen with cheaper costume jewelry. Let’s explore why costume jewelry causes skin rashes and green color. There are two reasons why you’re getting this reaction:…

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Blake Lively’s Engagement Ring

October 3, 2018

Does anyone not love Blake Lively? And when she’s with her cheeky heartthrob husband, there’s no stopping this pair. We’re about as obsessed with their Twitter battles as we are with Blake Lively’s engagement ring. And by the way, have you seen that thing? Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are notoriously private about their personal lives, and understandably so. But if you’ve had a look at this engagement…

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Catherine Paiz’s Engagement Ring

August 31, 2018

Are you still in awe over Catherine Paiz’s engagement ring? If so, you’re definitely not alone. We can blame it on social media. Sites like YouTube, Twitter and Instagram offer a glimpse into people’s lives that we wouldn’t otherwise see. Most of the time, it’s the highlight reel of great moments, including engagements, pregnancies and everyday celebrations. And through social media, we get to know interesting people from…


What is a Push Present?

July 16, 2018

You may have caught wind of Kylie Jenner’s extravagant push present  and are wondering exactly what that is. You’re not alone. The push present is a relatively recent thing, but its presence is most welcome to moms around the world. What is a Push Present? A push present (less commonly called a birth bauble) is what we call a gift given to the mother of a brand new…

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Gemstone Vs. Diamond Engagement Rings

June 25, 2018

It used to be that only true rebels bucked the diamond engagement ring tradition. But that was a few decades ago. These days, gemstone engagement rings are all the rage. So if you’re considering gemstone vs. diamond engagement rings, you’re in good company. But before you go shopping, there are a few things you should know. Price of Gemstone vs. Diamond Engagement Rings Typically, price is one area…


How to Find the Best Jewelry Gifts for Mother’s Day

May 12, 2018

Mother’s Day is right around the bend, and you’re probably starting to feel the heat. Every year, we all stress about what to get mom for her special day. After all, she IS the one who gave you life and nurtured you for the first 18 years (or more) of your life. How can one gift pay tribute to such an important person? Don’t worry because we’ve got…


Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts

April 28, 2018

Every year, you’re sure you’re going to find the gift that makes mom’s eyes well up with tears of joy. And then you show up with flowers. Again. Sure, flowers are nice, but meaningful gifts she can cherish forever are nicer. Let’s face it: Mom deserves more than a generic gift. Give her something that was made with care to symbolize exactly what she means to you. These…

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Stars Make a Statement with Emerald Jewelry at the 2018 Golden Globes

January 11, 2018

For the first time in ages, dresses weren’t the talk of the red carpet. It wasn’t the hairstyles or makeup either. After the Golden Globes, everyone talking  about jewel tones that stood out amongst a sea of black dresses. Stars made a huge statement with emerald jewelry at the 2018 Golden Globes. It was no accident either. Zoe Kravitz looking glam in Saint Laurent and emerald earrings and…

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The $2 Million Reality of Paris Hilton’s Engagement Ring

January 5, 2018

Paris Hilton’s engagement ring is nothing short of breathtaking, and it’s more than just the ring that’s grabbing our attention. This romantic mountaintop proposal was straight out of a fairytale. Paris’s beau Chris Zylka left nothing up to chance: the jaw-dropping ring, the idyllic Aspen setting, the pure romance… it was an offer no woman could refuse! The most romantic moment of my life! 😍💎 #Engaged 👰🏼 A post…