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Gemstone Education

So many gemstones, so little time – that’s what lovers of gemstones think anyway. There are just so many wonderfully fascinating and unique gemstones in the world. From the moment humans first noticed the radiance and magnificence that emanates from each gemstone, life was never quite the same. Gemstones weren’t just adored for their beauty and rarity; some gemstones were (and still are in some instances) believed to have healing, protective and supernatural properties. For example, Amethyst was believed to thwart intoxication, so in ancient times wine goblets were carved of amethyst, or lined with it. Sapphire was thought to contain wisdom within it, which could be transferred to the wearer. It was also believed to protect against physical harm and envy. Onyx was often used in mourning jewelry because it was thought to release the wearer of grief and sadness. There are so many reasons that people select certain gemstones. Let’s talk about some of the other attributes that draw people in.

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