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Metal Education

There’s a lot of focus on the center diamond or gemstone, but did you know that choosing the right metal for her engagement ring is just as important? The precious metal you choose will support her stone and serve as your symbol of everlasting love. No pressure.

This guide will help you understand your choices and choose the perfect metal for your bride-to-be’s engagement ring.

When it comes to modern metals, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that you have many options. For some people, that could also present a problem. White gold, platinum, rose gold… how can you decide? And what is the difference?

Take a deep breath and we’ll sort this all out for you, so you can choose a ring that she’ll adore for years to come.

What’s her jewelry style?

If your fiancé-to-be wears nothing but yellow gold, your choice is simple. If things aren’t as cut and dry, you may have to do some investigative research.

Does she typically wear cooler hues and silver tones? If so, go with platinum or white gold.

Does she gravitate towards warmer earthy tones? If so, stick with yellow or rose gold.

If she fluctuates between the two, a mixed-metal setting may your best bet. This way, it will always coordinate with what she’s wearing.

Pro Tip: If you choose yellow or white gold, consider setting the diamond in a white gold head. This will allow the diamond’s brilliance and purity to shine through.

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